Spring Cleaning

April 20, 2011

It’s that time of year again—time for spring cleaning.

We’re all brushing off the dust that’s collected over the winter, organizing cupboards and closets, and cleaning clutter from our garages. Before you get too far along, remember these tips to help protect your back.  If you have boxes to move, be sure to test the load before attempting to lift it. Try moving it with your foot to get an idea of how heavy it is.  Use slow, fluid movements, and keep your body facing the box.  Twisting while lifting, can hurt your back.  Be sure you have enough room to safely lift, and bend your knees to pick up the load.  Keep your back straight while you lift. 

Some things to remember

•Don’t bend at the waist
•Avoid using your back as a crane; rather, let your legs do the work
•Lift gradually using leg, abdominal and buttock muscles, keeping load as close as possible.
Wrong way to lift items:

Right way to lift items:

It’s easy to run into trouble while reaching for items too.  Try to minimize the amount of awkward reaching you need to do.  Use a ladder, rather than straining to reach something overhead.  Try not to work with items spread across the floor, as this can cause unnecessary strain on your back.  Organizing items at a table where you can sit comfortably, or a surface that is waist-high while you’re standing. 

Lastly, don’t get in a rush.  Take your time, and take frequent breaks from strenuous lifting and reaching. 

These few tips will help keep your back safe so you’re able to finish your spring cleaning!

On My Style

April 15, 2011

This past week Dr. Zigler did a photo shoot at his house for ON Magazine.  The secton is called “ON my style” and it features things that showcase Dr. Zigler’s style. 

We think the spread turned out AWESOME!!!!

Dr. Shellock also did a spread like this in 2009. 

It so fun getting to know more about the doctors personal interests and style.


What things help demonstrate your style and personality?

Did you know yesterday was World Health Day? 

World Health Day is celebrated annually by the World Health Organization and the international community.  Since 1950, it has been held each year on April 7th and focuses on a relevant global health issue.   What’s really exciting about this is that Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO) just announced that Isador Lieberman, MD, MBA, FRSC(C), is a recipient of the sixth annual HVO Golden Apple Award

I am sure you are wondering what this award is so here is a little background…As part of its World Health Day observances, HVO created this award to recognize the extraordinary educational contributions of volunteers to international program sites.  Each volunteer honored with this award has demonstrated a strong commitment to HVO’s educational mission by working on curriculum development, teacher training, didactic or clinical training, or the enhancement of educational resources.

Dr. Lieberman received this award because of his contributions to the Uganda Spine Mission.  Not only does he travel to Uganda annually to treat children with severe spinal deformities but over the last five years he has also taken as his responsibility to fundraise and organize the Spine Mission. We are very proud to have Dr. Lieberman as part of our team!  

Here is a photo from the mission in 2010.

The next mission is scheduled for August 13, 2011.

If you would like to read more about this click here.

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