I Love My Job!

March 27, 2012

Today we have a guest blogger, Sandra!  Sandra is one of our sales managers.

Sandra with her son, Will

I began working at Texas Back Institute six years ago. I knew of the Texas Back Institute because I was a sales representative for another organization, and Texas Back Institute was one of my primary referral accounts. Over the years I learned more and more positive things about this company, and I asked almost weekly if they were hiring, until one day they FINALLY said they were looking for a sales representative for the area.  They asked me to submit my resume, which I conveniently had in my notebook, and three weeks later, I began working with the organization.

I had such reservations about going to work any other group of surgeons besides TBI because there are a lot of surgeons in the area that have the reputation of using surgery as a first option. However, I was very eager to work for TBI because of their “surgery as a last option” approach to treatment.  Before I began working for TBI, I had no idea the degree of positive reputation they had throughout the medical community and that they were actively involved in things such as FDA trials, training other surgeons, and even had a research department. The TBI I initially knew of was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

I have been a part of this organization for six years, and still, I sit in amazement at the level of treatment our organization provides to their patients. Every time I sit in a neuroscience meeting, I look around the room, and try to add the combined years of experience that are present in the room. (I usually lose count halfway through the back row.) Every time I speak for any amount of time with Donna Ohnmeiss, I sit in amazement, because how can one person know THAT much?  Every time I speak with larger organizations and see how involved we are in utilizing social media, QR codes etc., in comparison to them, it makes one proud to be part of the TBI team.  Every time I am out in the community and I speak with a patient who says one of our founding surgeons performed their surgery back in the 1980s and they are still doing great, it makes one prideful to represent an organization such as the Texas Back Institute. 

Even though I am not a member of the surgical team, and am not the one performing surgery on our patients, I still feel that each and every one of us play an integral part of this team approach to treating patients, no matter how minor.  I am sure that I not only speak for myself, but most of the individuals within our organization when I say, it is great to be a part of the team of experts that really do “Get Patients Back To Life”.


Congratulations to Drs. Scott Blumenthal, Richard Guyer, and Michael Hisey for being named as one of the “207 Spine Surgeons & Specialists to Know.” Physicians included on this list were chosen based on their professional accomplishments, leadership in orthopedic and spine organizations and research in the field. http://ow.ly/9Qt8G

Denys Kendall….Back to Feeling Like a Person!

Denys Kendall never thought he would need spine surgery.  He was jumping out of airplanes, serving his country in Iraq and living the life of a true adrenaline junkie.  Denys served in the Army for 4 years, starting off in Special Forces and eventually moving into the First Cavalry at Fort Hood in Killeen, TX. 

Unfortunately for Denys, while receiving a series of vaccines to protect him from contracting anthrax, he developed a severe staph infection. The infection settled in his hip eventually eating away at the sacroiliac joint and the lower area of his lumbar spine. During the removal of an abscess, by surgeons outside of Texas Back Institute (TBI), one of his nerves was severed causing pain and weakness in his leg.

Denys’s pain got to a point where he knew he needed to seek attention from an expert and he began seeing Dr. James Cable, a pain management specialist at the Texas Back Institute to help determine what treatment options were available for his specific condition.  After performing a physical evaluation and reviewing Mr. Kendall’s case Dr. Cable referred him to his colleague Dr. Ralph Rashbaum, co-founder and orthopedic spine surgeon at the Texas Back Institute specialized in chronic pain management and interventional pain management.

Dr. Rashbaum and Denys discussed the possible treatment options and determined a spinal cord stimulator was going to give him the best possible results.  Luckily for Denys, the FDA had just approved the use of a new stimulator device that automatically adjusts to movements in his posture, making it virtually effortless to use.

Dr. Rashbaum recalls, “Denys came to Texas Back Institute with unrelenting pain radiating down his leg. He was the perfect candidate for the RestoreSensor because he is a very active gentleman and the sensor works well for people with active lifestyles.”

The decision to undergo the spinal cord stimulator implant was not an easy one for Denys, however, after doing his own research and his trust in Dr. Rashbaum Denys moved forward with the procedure.  “Dr. Rashbaum was very straightforward with me, and I love that,” said Denys. “He gave me realistic expectations but he was very confident this was going to be a life changer. Since my procedure the device has been doing its job like a champ.”

When asked what he most looks forward to doing now that his back pain is under control Denys states, “to me, it’s not so much about what activity, it’s about getting a life back! I can be a person again and that for me is invaluable. Dr. Rashbaum is a savior! He saved me.”

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